What I want to achieve in life…

Everybody has some sort of aspiration that they’d like to live up to or achieve, and these change all the time as you grow up, but I’ve decided to share my current aspirations at this moment of my life. Whether these will be achieved or whether these will change, I have no clue, but hopefully I shall stick to them and one day be able to look back and say: “Remember when that was only an item on my bucket list?”

1. Go to University. I don’t really mind how I get there and how long it takes, but I would like to one day in my life go to University. I am currently away to do my Higher exams which I suppose determine most of my entry into University, so hopefully I do well. I want to live the Uni experience, and Uni students may tell me different and say I don’t, but I’m just excited for something different. At the moment, I’m looking at going into International Business Management but this may change.

2. Travel. This is a lot of peoples aspirations and goals in life, but I really do not want to waste my years away doing nothing. Some time in the future, I would like to take a few months out and travel other countries I have not been to and learn about their culture and way of living for a while. Experiences like that make me excited and I just want to one day explore with just a backpack on my back and a group of friends by my side.

3. Have a dog. Or dog(s). The latter one is probably most likely… I have five family dogs at the moment, and I love them all to pieces, but when I am older and have a place of my own, I definitely definitely DEFINITELY am getting a dog. Or a few. Hey, who needs kids? I’m just kidding. I’m only young, but I still would like to think kids are somewhere in my future, although I’m not planning anything of course. But I definitely see a few dogs padding around.

4. Own my own business. I would like to be in a job where I have control of most things, not in a bossy kind of way, but just be able to organise everything. I’m not really sure what kind of business I would like or what it would include, but dog related would be nice… Again with the dogs, there’s a bit of a pattern.

5. Repay my friends and family. This sounds ridiculous because no amount of money could make up for what my family and friends do for me, but I don’t mean literally cash. Although, if I did win the lottery then of course I would share to those closest… I mean more in a way of doing something special for them and being able to truly thank them for everything because each and every one of them are so amazing (if they’re reading this then hello, keep being you.)

6. Charity work. Doing something for a charity is something I have always wanted to do, but never got time to do it. I would like to properly fundraise a large sum of money for a charity and be able to know I have helped them and others. This could be very soon though, as in our sixth year of school, my friends and I have decided to do this during our spare time we may have. We have picked two charities to work with, and will make a target in which we would like to meet and split it between the two of them. We have planned many different events in which we are going to do to raise this and we are very excited to start it in June! Don’t worry, there will definitely be more blog posts on this in detail to keep you all up to date and maybe suggestions in ways in which YOU could help! So, hopefully this will be off my aspiration list!

7. Be happy and content with my life. Or more rather STAY happy and content with my life. I am already surrounded by the most amazing people and I am very happy with everything in my life, so I guess I just want to continue this way. Of course there is always down days, but I guess I wouldn’t realise I was happy if they weren’t there?

So far, those are my current aspirations but I am sure there will be plenty added to this. Does anyone else have aspirations of their own? Let me know!

Until next time….

Kianna x


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