Summer Adventures // Spain: Part 1

In Summer, myself and four of my friends travelled to Malaga, Spain for 10 days. We were staying with one of my friends Grandad and this is what we got up to there. I’m going to attempt to go day by day but some days we didn’t do much. Due to size and uploading speed, the days will be uploaded separately. 🙂

Day 1 – Travelling

We travelled down to Edinburgh and flew from the airport on an evening flight. Everything went smoothly which was surprising for our first time flying alone. We grabbed something to eat at one of the restaurants and then headed for our flight over. 

 This is just a quick snap from the plane as we flew into the warmer countries… 

When we arrived we were picked up and we travelled about 30 minutes to Fuengerola which is where we’re would be staying for the next 10 days. The heat was unbelievable and it was 10pm. We were sweating as soon as we got out the airport and we had to change as soon as we got to the villa. Lucy’s grandad had prepared pizza and nibbles for us arriving and we claimed we weren’t hungry after our meal, but then proceeded to demolish 5 pizzas and everything else…  Afterwards, we unpacked and headed to sleep as we were all knackered from the journey.

Day 2 – Chill day

On our first day we got into our routine of waking up, getting changed, applying sun cream and heading for breakfast. Because there was five of us staying for 10 days, we didn’t expect to steal all of their food the entire time so we went to a large supermarket and collected the next few days food requirements by each putting money into a ‘kitty’. We went slightly crazy and came back with about 10 milka bars and 5 bags of crisps, but hey, we were on holiday! We then headed back to the villa just in time for the sun to come out and soaked in the first day of sun.

The place was so lovely and there were amazing views from the terrace area. We also were lucky enough to choose the hottest time of the year to go…. 

In the evening we headed into the main town of Fuengirola and found a nice Italian to eat in. We then took a walk around and found the square where everyone was walking around.


Quick snap from the square with the sun setting. After we had a walk around we headed to a bar and got some cocktails which were really good. We then headed home and chilled out on the terrace eating our chocolates…. 

I’m going to stop there for part 1, but I shall continue on another blog post if you want to check it out. There will be more parts coming soon so keep a look out!

Thanks, until next time…

Kianna x


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