Summer Adventures // Spain: Part 3

Day 4 – Zoo/Cablecarts

Fuengirola has its own wee zoo in the middle of their town. I was shocked when we turned up and it was just in the middle of the street basically, I didn’t understand how a zoo could be in there but it was and it was amazing. It was all very open and felt like we were walking through the jungle. I didn’t get many great photos but we were able to go to Lemur Island and walk around the Lemurs. 


They were so chilled and it was roasting so they all mainly were lying in the shade and not doing much. It was still amazing to do. 


Afterwards we headed back to the pool and had a chill there. We then got ready earlier than usual for the evening and headed to the Cablecarts which took us to the top of a mountain where a bird show is held. Unfortunately (but fortunate for Amy, who has a fear of birds), the weather didn’t permit and was slightly windy up the mountains to do the second bird show we were going to be watching. We were disappointed but views were worth it! We climbed higher and were able to get sunset photos too.


It was by far the most amazing views I’ve seen in my life. Once we headed back down, we headed out for tea and went to an amazing Italian. By the time we got a table it was about 10:30pm we were eating our food at! Although the restaurants were still full, so it was very strange to experience late dining as the norm. We took a walk along the boardwalk too before and it was very pretty. 


After food we headed back to the villa and again sat on the terrace like we did most nights and played some Uno.


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