The Girl on the Train // Book Review


Sitting at home I recently thought to myself it felt like months since I’d last written a blog post – and then I realised it had been months. Quite a few actually…. The book corner is looking a little empty, so I’ve decided to do a quick review on one of my favourite books – ‘The Girl on the Train’ by Paula Hawkins.

Some of you may be aware that the film of this book is coming out soon, and I’m very excited but nervous to see it. Excited because it’s a great book, but nervous in case they ruin in. As I always say “the book is always better than the film!”

I hate spoilers so these reviews are not going to be spoilers to the ending or whatnot but just my opinion on the novel itself. I first read this book last Summer on holiday and grabbed it in one of those travel stops.(can’t think of what they are called again but they remind me of little airports next to the road but they aren’t airports…) Any way, by the time I had got to my destination the book was finished so that sums up the intensity of it for you.

I have heard mix reviews of people not “quite getting into it” and stop reading it a wee bit in, but as a crime and thriller genre lover I loved it. In a quick nutshell, the novel is about a girl called Rachel who takes the same train and route every day which stops outside this house in which Rachel begins to be obsessed and admire the couple living within. She then sees the women of the house kissing another man who wasn’t her husband, and this begins a whole spiral of plot twists when the women goes missing and Rachel chooses to involve herself. I love a plot twist and jaw dropping reveals and this book isn’t short of them. I recommend it as a great read if you love the same genres as me! 

If reading isn’t your thing, then the release date for the movie is October 7th if the plot still takes your fancy – I’ll definitely be checking out the film myself (and then probably tell everyone “the book was better…”)


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