Dear 2017…


2016. Where did it even go? Did it even happen? I think, for me, 2016 was the quickest year of my, admittedly short, life. This year I want to reflect on the last, and try and set some goals and challenges to motivate myself throughout this year. 2017 is the year I’ll be leaving school and off to University, so with that in mind, there is going to be a lot of changes happening and new experiences in which I’m very nervous but excited about.

Drink more water. This is pretty self explanatory – everyone knows water is good for you, it keeps you alive and going, but it’s something I know I don’t drink enough of. I want to increase my water intake on a daily basis to keep me feeling fresh and awake, and also to help reduce my skin breakouts!

Be money efficient. I’m already quite an organised financial person and make sure I have money by for important costs and payments, but I know it’s going to get worse and crazier next year. I’m hoping to not be careless with my money and student loan when in university and pile myself in a load of debt! I also want to put money into my savings account every month, even if it’s just £5!

Be more healthy. This is often on a lot of people’s resolutions and goals and it’s been on mine for years now. I’m hoping this years the year where I kick my self in the butt and tell myself to exercise and eat a bit more healthier. I also want to learn some more quick and healthy recipes to prevent myself living off of Dominoes my whole student life… (How can you resist two for Tuesdays though?!)

Be spontaneous. Some time in the year I want to be completely spontaneous and do something unplanned. Whether this is a last minute trip away, getting a tattoo/piercing, buying a dog (or  7) – I just want to do something unexpected and just go for it – but also be realistic haha!

Read more books. I already read a fair bit, but I want to either keep up the reading or increase it!

Perfect my eyeliner! I am determined to get better at eyeliner and makeup in general! I pretend I know what I’m doing, but I really don’t. I’m hoping to improve a little and learn the art of makeup a bit better.

Find a skin care routine. I don’t have one and I need one. That is basically it. If you have any skin care suggestions them let me know – I’d love to try some out!

Stay happy & positive. Of course, I’ve got to have the resolution to be happy throughout the year, even though I know that’s impossible as we all have our sad moments, I hope the majority of my year is positive!

Thanks for reading my goals for 2017! Next year I can look back and see if I’ve actually followed any of it… Let me know what your goals for 2017 are!

Until next time…

K x


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