The perfect Spring day out!

The weather has been unusually nice for Scotland, so me and Cameron thought to take advantage of this and have a day out on a day we both weren’t working. I thought I would share some pictures we snapped on our way to fully appreciate the dry and sunny weather!

We first headed off to St Cyrus beach with my four crazy dogs who loved it just as much as we did. Thinking it would be windy by the sea, we layered up with jumpers and jackets but ended up peeling them off almost immediately as it was a lot hotter than expected. Here is my beaut of a dog Mia at the dashing age of nine!

After a couple of hours, we headed back home for some lunch. Playing the ‘good girlfriend’ duty role, I cleaned Cameron’s car for him (inside & out with a little bit of help) and we headed into town for a look around the shops. I grabbed a few knick-knacks, including an air freshener for Cameron’s car and mine, and then we headed to The Long Dog Cafe. The picture below shows the most heavenly Freakshake ever. Cameron got a chocolate brownie one while I got salted caramel. These were amazing but left me in a serious sugar coma afterwards. The cafe was so cute and there was a little Dachshund which I couldn’t keep my eyes off of!

We then headed for a walk along the beach and ended up in Footdee which was a tiny little village area filled with tiny houses and sheds! They were absolutely adorable and I wish I got better pictures but I felt slightly awkward taking pictures of other people’s houses – especially if they were peeking out the window at me while doing it… 

& that was my day out! It was very busy but fun and makes me even more excited for Summer when I have lot’s of free days to do stuff like this!

Until next time…

~ K


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