Moving Out & into Halls: Life Update

One month ago today, I moved out for University and into halls. This started the next chapter in my life, which is a long and daunting four year chapter studying International Business Management! I thought I would give a wee update of how I’ve found moving out from home and starting University. 

Fortunately, I’m not too far from home. I’m currently studying in Aberdeen, which is only a 40 minute drive from home so I’ve not struggled with homesick as much as other students have. However, learning to live independently has been an experience in itself! So far it’s been amazing and I’ve loved it. Staying in the city has had many perks (including Deliveroo, which has been used far too much for only being here for a month…). Being able to just walk outside and walk into the city has been very handy, and I’m also fortunate to have my car here with me to drive home and for food shopping!

Months prior to moving out, I slowly started to collect room decor and homeware which was admittedly one of the most exciting parts about moving out. Making your room feel homely is so important, and made settling into a new place a lot more easier. It was also very helpful to have found my flatmates on a Facebook page before moving in, so it allowed us to familiarise ourself with each other and make the introduction a lot easier and less awkward on the day. Luckily, I was landed with such a great group of people which I am so glad of (I’m always hearing nightmare stories of flat mates not getting on etc.). We all get on so well and already feel like we’ve known each other longer than the month we have.

I’ve surprisingly enjoyed cooking my own dinners in the evening, although I can’t see this lasting much longer! The hardest part is probably shopping and cooking for just one person, but freezing extra portions has been a saviour – especially on lazy days where I can just defrost it from the freezer.

I’ve still not got a proper routine but it’s slowly getting there and I’m enjoying time scheduling everything myself and living independently. One tip for anyone moved out or moving out; have a meal plan! This has helped me so much in regards to only buying what I need and knowing what to cook that day. It’s sometimes difficult trying to think of a range of quick, easy and relatively healthy meals but I usually use Google for that!

I’m hoping I continue to become an even better domestic goddess the longer I’m moved out and I’m excited to see whats next.

Until next time…

~ K x


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