A Snowy Weekend in Aviemore

Last weekend I headed to Aviemore with Cameron and his family for a rally awards night. We also took the chance to have a wander around the area and explore. I thought I would share a few of my favourite snaps from there! I thought it was cold in Aberdeen until I went here, where it was freezing and snowy. It felt so Christmassy though and I loved it.

This is my favourite snap from the weekend, and it’s probably clear why! The reflection of the mountains on the loch is amazing.

Discovered a wee river and bridge where a photo opportunity had to be taken. (Plus, the hat that I seem to never be out of…)

Ok, so this was hands-down the BEST sweetie shop I have ever been to. And the pic n mix selection was unreal. If you know me, then you know I love a good pic n mix so this was extremely overwhelming for me. I had to go for the pre-maid bags as there was too much choice. The chocolate variety and fizzy juices were also amazing.

A quick stop and run out of the car for some pictures of the ski centre. It wasn’t open but it was very snowy!

On the way to Aviemore we stopped in Dinnet at a wee antique shop and I couldn’t resist snapping this book shelf outside.

And lastly, a picture of where we stayed. (There were chickens to my left.)

Thank you for reading this short (but sweet) post! Until next time…

~ K


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