Why Christmas is the Best Time of Year

My family is known to go overboard on the Christmas decor around the house, and even our dogs get forced into the Christmas spirit. In light of our festive obsession, I thought I would share with you all my favourite things about this time of year!

1. Everything looks prettier! Apart from the many rainy and windy days, we do get some snowy and crisp days where everything looks fresh and clean. Also, it’s a time of year where fairy lights are acceptable anywhere and everywhere – and this automatically makes anything look cosy!

2. Cosy clothing & knitwear! Do I need to explain further?! I love being cosy and warm all year round. You can find me in a hundred layers of cosiness all year round, but Winter means its acceptable and the shops are stocked full with the best knitwear, scarves and jackets.

3. Family time. Spending the Christmas and New Year period with the family is probably one of the best parts. It’s a time where a million funny memories are shared, movies are watched and food is eaten. (A lot of food…)

4. Present giving. Theres something so amazing watching someone open a present that you bought for them, and waiting for their reaction (in hope that it’s a good one!). I also love going out and choosing presents for people and wrapping them up. I’m a terrible wrapper but I still try every year to make them look neat and pretty.

5. The food. When else is there an acceptable time of year to eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner?! Plus, it’s the time of year where pigs in blankets are served. (Which, I personally would like to start a petition where it’s acceptable to have them all year round. Thanks.)

6. The movies. Christmas films are always the best kind of films, and always put me into such a festive mood. Films such as the Harry Potters always seem to get played on TV at this time of year too, which is even better! Nothing beats a cosy blanket and a movie.

7. Festive scents. Just give me all the cinnamon and apple scented items you can.

8. The hot drinks. All the wintery hot drinks get released at this time of year and nothing beats a cosy salted caramel or cinnamon latte.

I honestly could go on forever, but I won’t overload you all too much! Whats your favourite part about this time of year? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

~ K


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