An Escape to Dunkeld

If you follow me over on Instagram, then you would have saw that Cameron and I headed off to Dunkeld for a couple of nights to celebrate our three year anniversary.  (You can also check out our vlog from our time there on my YouTube channel here!) We stayed at the gorgeous Dunkeld House Hotel, and I just had to share the photos and our experience there with you all. Dunkeld (I think) is in or near the Perthshire area of Scotland, and was only just over an hour drive from where I live but I felt like I had escaped somewhere completely different.

The hotel was stunning from inside to outside, and even though we had saw photos before going, it looked even more amazing once we got there. I loved the cosiness of the hotel and the fact it was right next to a river which meant we could walk along the grounds. 

 Thanks to Cameron for getting those candids.

 When we arrived we were told that our booking included two breakfasts and a dinner. We knew we had breakfast included but didn’t realise we had dinner for one of the nights in the restaurant which was a lovely surprise! We planned to go to the restaurant one night and dress all fancy so we were chuffed we kind of “didn’t have to pay for it” (but we actually did as it was included but ya know, we didn’t know haha!). We tasted a few of the bars cocktails before going for our meal and they were very tasty!

 We got given a window seat, that means we’re pretty, right? Also, this Bombay Sapphire cocktail kiiiind of looks like I just have a goldfish swimming around… I promise it’s just a twisted orange peel.

The food was delicious, and we were even given a THREE course meal. How fancy! 

The next morning we headed for our buffet breakfast, and once it was settled (don’t eat then swim, kids.), we headed to the hotels pool which also included a sauna, steam room and jacuzzi. We made good use of the Jacuzzi and sauna and swam for a wee bit – however I discovered that swimming just isn’t as fun when you’re not a kid any more. 🙁 

Once we got showered and shifted, we headed into Pitlochry which was only a fifteen(ish – we got lost) journey. We stopped at the nearest cafe and grabbed a quick sugar fix which included a chocolate milkshake and pancakes.  

We then walked off our food babies towards the Dam and dare I say it, damn it was a good view. No? Ok, I’ll stop…

As if we hadn’t eaten enough sugar that day, we decided to stop at The Highland Chocolatier on our way back to Dunkeld and it was amazing! I ordered a ‘white mocha’ and a toffee apple cake. Cameron went full blown chocolate and had a chocolate fudge cake and a hot chocolate. Let’s just say I had to wrap my cake up and take it back with me as I was already in a sugar coma from our pancakes earlier… However – it was delicious! 

We also got to see the chocolate getting made on the premises, and explored around the gift shop and chocolate emporium where you could make up your own handmade chocolate boxes. It looked devine!

Once we got back to the hotel, we had a chocolate induced nap and then went to the local pub for some good old pub grub!

If you would like to check out Dunkeld House Hotel, then they’re website has some amazing photos and details of what they have to offer. They have lot’s of activities such as salmon fishing, clay shooting and quad treks. I’ll leave you a link here if you want to have a wee nosy – trust me, it looks amazing!

Thank you so much for reading!

Until next time…

~ K x


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