My Favourite Editing Apps

As bloggers, we aren’t shy to say we edit our photos. In fact, I love it. Not because it changes the entire photo into something it isn’t, but because it’s something I can be creative about and notice the difference between the original and the edited. It’s figuring out how to make the photo look a little bit brighter so you can see everything clearer, and finding an effect which creates the mood you want the photo to portray.

I am no editing expert, and I still have no clue what a lot of the editing tools on most of these apps do, but I thought I would share with you the apps that I use to edit my photos. Sometimes I will just use one of them, or I’ll go between the apps and use a few bits and bobs from them all. It all depends on what I want to create!

There is also a tonne of other great apps out there that I haven’t explored, so if you have any other great apps you think I should try out then let me know below because I’m always on the lookout! 


I use color story mainly for the filters tool. They have a tonne of free groups of filters in which has multiple filters within it. I’m maybe not explaining that clearly haha! You can also purchase more packages in which have different filters too, and these can be specific to what kind of photos you take and the look in which you want to create. I’ve purchased a few packages and I love them! Some fo my favourite are the ‘Flashes of Delight’ package and ‘Cardigan’ package! I like to play about with different filters and you can increase the intensity of the filter and decrease. 

Another aspect of the app in which I love is the Grid section, in which you can connect with your Instagram and view your Instagram grid. You can then play around with photos from your camera roll and photos you’ve edited and add them into your grid without actually uploading them, and see what they would look like. This is perfect for creating the perfect aesthetic on your gram! However, sometimes I think too much about it when really I should just upload what I want and when I want!


Snapseed also is an app in which you can use for the filter and effects aspect, however I use color story mainly for this and use snapped to adjust certain areas of the photo. I use the tools section in which is filled with different tools (oh, really?) you can use to edit your photo. For example, theres lens blur tool where you can blur out parts of the photo and adjust the focus and blur level. I used this a lot before I got my new phone and didn’t have portrait mode yet! I use the ‘Selective’ tool the most on this app, where you can select certain areas of the photo and adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and structure. I use the brightening tool to brighten up any white backgrounds / flat-lay’s and I love it! 


This is a pretty new app for me, and I only recently have started exploring it after hearing so many people using it. Again it has the standard editing tools and offers some packages in which you can purchase to be a bit more selective in your editing, however I’ve not explored that yet. At the moment I have just been using the Effects area and adjusting my photos clarity and dehaze them to make them pop a bit more.

These are the main apps in which I use to edit my photos! If you have any other apps that you use and recommend, then let me know below! Thanks so much for reading!

Until next time…

~ K x


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