My Current 3 Step Skincare Routine – BLOGTOBER DAY 10

Skincare. The dreaded word that I had no idea about! To be completely honest with you, I still don’t. But thanks to my Tropic skincare set, I now can say I have a routine – yay! I always love reading or watching other peoples skincare routine, even though I’m unlikely to go out and copy what they’re doing but it’s just satisfying and interesting to see the different methods everyone has!

I thought I would share with you all mine – if anyone is interested haha! It isn’t exactly the most exciting, and I am literally just following what I was told, but this is what I do and my skin does feel amazing afterwards! 

If I’m wearing makeup that day, I usually wash the majority of it off in the shower to reduce the amount I need to take off with my cloth. My first step is this cleanser. I add a few pumps of it to my hand and then dot it around my face. I then rub it in and leave it for a couple of minutes. I then grab my face cloth, soak it in warm water and then rinse it out. I then use the cloth to wash off the cleanser and get rid of the excess makeup and dirt under my skin. 

My next step is the toner. Once I’ve washed off all the cleanser, I spray this toner around my face and let it dry into my face.

My final step is to add a few pumps of moisturiser and rub that into my face and neck. And then thats me done for the night!

This was a short blog post but that’s how short my skincare routine is haha! If you have any skincare recommendations then let me know below – I’m always up for trying out some!

Until tomorrow… 

~ K x


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