My Goals for 2019

The New Year is approaching us quickly, and I’ve decided that I’m finally going to motivate myself to try and achieve some goals in 2019. I always give myself resolutions to aim for but I either don’t stick to them, or don’t even begin them! I don’t even think I gave myself any last year at all.

Of course, setting yourself a goal and target to work towards doesn’t need to happen at New Year – it can happen any time of the year! However, 2019 is the most convenient time for me. As you may know, I’ve been living in Germany for a few months and my time here is coming to an end – so I will be moving back home for Christmas. Naturally, I want to organise my life out and have an organised mindset on things I want to achieve.

I have around a month at home before I need to go back to University for my second semester in Aberdeen, so this gives me a head start to get into a routine and organise things – such as finding a flat and starting work again! (Four months of not having a job has been bliss and something I’ve not experienced since I was fourteen!)

Prior to moving home, I thought I would organise my thoughts and goals here and share them all with you.

Lose weight & get fit – One of THE most obvious and cliche resolutions but I’m 100% being serious this time. Living in Germany has made me even lazier than usual, eat far too much crap and drink a few too many beers. There also isn’t exactly the easiest access to gyms and I’m far too paranoid to go running around a city I don’t know too well – so there has also been a lack of exercise. However, I’m actually excited to go home and run on a treadmill which is so unlike me… I’m excited to get back into a gym routine.

Read more – I love reading, but its something I never give myself enough time to do. I’ll usually go months without reading a book and then read three in the space of a few weeks. I want to set myself a goal of a certain number of books by the end of the year (not quite decided on the number yet…) and to mix the genres of books in which I’m reading. I’m bad for sticking with crime / thrillers because that’s what I love, but I want to switch it up sometimes!

Tick at least one more place off of my travel bucket list! I’m hoping to go to Krakow in June with Cameron (fingers-crossed), so hopefully this will happen!

Be more adventurous with my cooking and try out new recipes! If you have any quick, easy and healthy recipe books that you would recommend, then please let me know!

Finally decide on a blog schedule – I’ve NEVER had a schedule for blog posts and I’ve been blogging for nearly three years. Maybe this is what I’m doing wrong, but I definitely want to have one. Between university and part-time jobs, I sometimes find it hard to fit in blogging, so hopefully having a schedule and planning better will help me organise time.

Be a bit more selfish – This sounds a wee bit crazy and weird, but I’m a massive people pleaser and I’m constantly thinking about what others would want and think, when in reality I should be thinking about what I want. Of course, I don’t mean I’m going to stop caring about everyone and become a self-obsessed hermit – I just think I should consider myself some more in some situations.

Try out new restaurants – I want broaden my tastebuds from restaurants I know I like, and try out some new ones in Aberdeen / area.

And I think that’s all my main ones for now! Let me know if you’re giving yourself any New Years resolutions for 2019!

Until next time…

~ K x


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