How to Stay Motivated in January

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January. That time of year where everyone is still running around like headless chickens and still unsure on what day of the week it is and may have only just had their first full week of work after the New Year. The excuse of “It’s Christmas” ended a couple of weeks ago, yet I’m still sitting around doing absolutely nothing, eating leftover chocolates and not started on any of the resolutions I told myself I would. You can have a read of my New Year resolutions for 2019 here!

I always find it difficult to start anything productive in January and then to stay motivated, so I thought I would share some tips I’m going to try and follow to keep me on track.

Plan and have a diary. I love stationery and buying planners, so I’ve decided I’m going to make an effort to use my planner a lot more for everything I want to work on. For example, my blog, university, personal goals, meals plans and budgeting. I want to stay focussed and organised this year and I think one of the best ways is to have it all written down in one place – but in an organised way. Some of my favourite planners that I love are the Busy B ones. Their website is filled with different organisers, planners and calendars. Plus they are so cute and affordable (with a sale on at the moment too!).

Set yourself goals. If you don’t have anything to strive or motivate yourself towards, then you aren’t going to be or stay motivated at all. Figure out what you want to do this week, month or year. Set yourself different goals which are realistic but also challenging enough. It will feel great when you meet any goals or accomplishments! 

Don’t compare yourself to others. It doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing in January or any point in time. Just because Brenda in the office has started her gym membership and been there four times a week and you haven’t got round to joining yet, doesn’t mean you can’t or are any further behind. Everyones goals are individual to them, and I know from personal experience that comparing yourself to what others are doing or have achieved makes you feel like shit. Leave that in 2018 and focus on you!

Surround yourself in a positive environment. Whether this is your physical surroundings, the people in your life or your job. If you haven’t got positive or supportive people in your life then they don’t deserve to be there. Brutal, but honest. Others negativity will only bring you down, so ignore and avoid it. If your environment isn’t working for you, find somewhere that does. Try out different cafes to work and focus in, take a new running route or shuffle the furniture around in your room / house.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I hope it helped or motivated you in some way! Let me know your top tips on keeping yourself motivated as I love to hear others!

Until next time… 

~ K x


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