My Love / Hate Relationship with Instagram


Instagram. One of my favourite and probably most used social media platforms. However, it has it’s flaws and everyone (or most people in the blogging community) has a love-hate relationship with the app – myself included.

One of my favourite ways to share my life is through a photo. I think it captures so much with no words needed to explain, and snaps a memory in a second for you to keep forever. If there are no more words needed, then you don’t need to – but if there is, you have the option to caption your photo with whatever you like  (as long as you don’t use any banned hashtags of course…).

I find it hard to keep up to date with the ups and downs and the going-on’s of Instagram. I feel everything is often changing, with new ways to do a certain thing, new ways to promote yourself, to gain the highest reach and what hashtags are the best and worst. My current situation with Instagram is Having Fun. I’ve decided to stop trying to plan my posts around a particular theme on my grid, as this stressed me out massively and when I wanted to post a nice photo I was proud of, but it didn’t match my feed, I felt disheartened and sad.

The hashtags I use rarely help with my reach at all, and whether this is my lack of knowledge on the correct hashtags, or the algorithm messing up with my engagement, I have given up trying to figure it out. I use what I think best suits my photo and myself at the time of uploading, and I’m enjoying it even if it does only help me reach 20 new people.


I love the community, and the fact I am able to keep up to date with whoever I choose to follow. I gain my inspiration (whether this is fashion, makeup, blogging tips or food) from the people I follow and I love Instagram for this. I also hope I do the same for others, even just one. I love the diversity and how I can follow as much / as little people as I want and they will all share something different.

I hate the follow-unfollow game. This isn’t just on Instagram, but very common. I’m naive and flattered enough to think that some people want to follow me for my content, to realise that once I’ve followed them back, they’re no longer in my notifications area and have unfollowed me. Also, liking thirty of my photos but not actually following me won’t attract me to your 52k followers but only following 67 with zero engagement on your posts. *eye roll* Buying followers is the Instagram equivalent to, like, paying someone to be your friend.

Overall, its my favourite way to express my creativity and share my photos, but a pain in the ass when only 15% of my followers actually see it. What do you love and hate about Instagram?

Until next time…

~  K x




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  1. March 9, 2019 / 11:39 pm

    I have a love/hate relationship with Instagram too. I’ve always had fun with Instagram and never bothered with the themes. My “hate” relationship with Instagram is personal – I sometimes have trouble deciphering between real and fake on Insta and then get self-conscious about myself and my life. I have to remind myself that everyone will always post the best version of themselves (myself included). That being said, I never played the follow/unfollow game because I follow profiles I feel that I can relate or add some value to my feed.

    I do love using Instagram to get inspiration and motivation, and keeping up with some of my favourite brand, celebs and friends I don’t interact with everyday.

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