What I’ve Learnt From Blogging


Yesterday Coffee With K turned three years old! Yay! To be honest, I have no idea how it’s been three years since I decided to start blogging – but it’s been fun and one of the best decisions I’ve made. My blog has been on a journey since then – it’s had a name change, a few “make-overs” and more recently it’s been migrated to WordPress. So far, I am loving this change – thanks to Phil at Pipdig for the help (I highly recommend!).

I thought sharing what I’ve learnt in the past three years through blogging would be a nice and relevant post to upload on the launch anniversary, while also reflecting on my sixteen year old self at that time.


I’ll be honest, I’m not as organised with my blog as I would love to be – but when I’m juggling university, a part time job and blogging at the same time, it can be hard. I admire to those who do it!

However, I have learnt to be a lot more structured with my content and plan ahead. Planning is key! I’ve never been a disorganised person, but this has definitely improved my time-keeping and kept me thinking ahead.

To care less.

As soon as someone from “real life” mentions my blog, I get embarrassed and nervous. I feel like everyone stares and judges me, when in reality, they probably aren’t. Well, not all the time. I’ve learnt to be proud of my wee space on the internet, and if people have a problem with that, then they don’t need to read or follow me. If people stare at me while I’m taking the perfect flatlay of my coffee or dinner, then I don’t care. It’s the 21st century – taking food photos is the normality nowadays.



Blogging has definitely helped my confidence, and I can thank the community for that the most. Some people have problems with the blogging community, however, I’ve only had pleasant and lovely experiences. Everyone is so supportive and I love it. If you have a blog and don’t have Twitter yet, then I highly recommend. This is where I find most of the bloggers I follow and love, and where I engage with them the most. I still need to get on the Pinterest bandwagon, but I just can’t seem to wrap my head around it yet. Any tips are welcome and appreciated!

There is a lot of work involved.

Writing the actual content of a blog post is only a fraction of the overall work – usually. Depending on the post, there are photos you have to take (about 60 photos of  almost the exact same shot, but it’s moved a tiiiiny bit to the left), you then have to choose between those photos, edit them (don’t get me started on deciding on the right filter, saturation and clarity of a photo!), and then the blog writing, promoting and social media.

It is a lot, and I’m going to be honest – I didn’t realise how much was involved before I started. But I enjoy doing every little aspect because it creates a blog post I’m proud of and I know I’ve put my 100% towards.

Having room for improvement is okay!

I’m the worlds worst for comparing myself to other bloggers, and this disheartens me a lot when I look at my blog. I force myself to focus on what my blog was when I first started, and see the improvement and growth of it since then – and remember that everyones progress is different. I’m proud of mine, and I know there is a heap of room to improve more – but that’s what I’ve got to look forward to.

My photography isn’t perfect, I don’t have a fancy camera, my editing skills are mediocre and I don’t think I could have a bash at photoshop even if I wanted to, my upload schedule is atrocious and my instagram grid is mismatched with no continuous theme going on – but that’s okay. Because its real, it’s raw, and its me. Okay, I lied, so me laughing into a mug of coffee is ME but, like, sometimes it’s not totally candid… Guilty.

Engagement is key!

If you don’t engage with your followers or fellow bloggers, then how do you expect them to engage with you back? I make an effort to reply to all blog and Instagram comments and I appreciate the effort and time people have taken to comment on my content. I also make sure that at least once a week to do a thorough read of other bloggers blog posts and I enjoy engaging with these too.

There are some weeks I’m better than others with this, depending on my free time after University and work, but I definitely notice a correlation with the effort I put into my socials and my engagement.

To be creative & have fun!

I love that I can write about what I want, and be as creative as I want to be with it. There are no set rules or guidelines about what I have to write about and how I do it. I don’t force myself to write about things I’m not interested or passionate about, because thats when it doesn’t become fun and ends up being a chore.

I’m happy to see how far my little corner of the internet has came in the past three years, and I’m excited for the future of Coffee With K.

Thank you for reading!

Until next time…

~ K x


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