How did I find second year of University?

second year

I wrote a blog post last year about my honest truth of how I found first year of university, and you can go have a read about that here! I thought I would do the same with second year, because again, I had no idea what to expect from second year. Was it going to be harder than first? Was more expected of me?

Just a note to say that this is all my personal experiences and opinions. I study International Business Management so I know for a lot of other courses it’s completely different than mine so it can’t be completely comparable. Buuuut if you are going to study or are studying a management course, then this may be similar!

My first semester of second year was spent in Germany doing an exchange study abroad. I’ve ranted and raved about my time there in several blog posts, so I won’t bore you with any more (but if you want to read about my different experiences with that, then you can check them out!). However, it was hands down one of the best decisions I ever made and made my first semester a lot of fun. Again, not everyone takes the approach of study abroad, so this will be different to some. I found the education and university system a bit different in Germany than here in Aberdeen. There was a lot more group work and group projects than I was used to, which was actually a really good thing to be introduced to and took me out of my comfort zone. This actually helped with my second semester in which I came back to RGU for, to find a lot of group work and presentations.

I wouldn’t necessarily say my first semester was easy, but perhaps slightly easier in the way I could prepare for presentations and projects in advance and be organised. I also didn’t have part-time job in Germany, so I had a lot more time to focus on university work. I also found that the couple of written exams I had, were open book and a lot more informal than RGU. Yes, I could literally bring in my notes to the exam. However, with time restrictions, you still had to know your stuff well enough to get a head start and know what to look for in your notes at least. There wasn’t a lot of time to go searching through your notes looking for every single answer.

Once coming back to RGU in second semester, I was fully prepared to get my head stuck in a lot more as I was aware of the examination methods at RGU being mainly reports and closed book exams. However, I only have two written exams this semester with only one of them being 100% exam. My other modules are group work based with presentations and reports. I’ve enjoyed the mixture of coursework this semester, however we all know that group work can be a bit of a task to get started and organised. However, I think this is very true and relative to the ‘real work’ of work and management.

I do also currently have a part-time job alongside my studies again so have been juggling and prioritising my workloads around this. First semester and second semester have definitely been different from each other, but I’ve loved both semesters and the year has flown by! A year ago I was organising my study abroad and emailing Charlotte (my study abroad buddy) for the first time! Time is a strange concept.

I’ve finished all my deadlines and exams, and had around a week to chill before I start my full time placement on Monday! I’m very excited, but also nervous!

Last year I discussed a lot more in detail about living on my own and making friends, so if you want to find out more about that aspect of university, then you can head over the that blog post linked at the start!

Thank you for reading & I hope you enjoyed!

Until next time…

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