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I can’t believe that I’m in my third year of University already?! Time has flown by, and I’m now over halfway through my degree! For those who may not have read my previous University related blog posts, I study International Business Management at The Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen. One of the great things about my course is that not only did I get to complete a semester abroad, I get to spend my third year of University in a full-time placement. If you want to read more about my study abroad semester, then I wrote a variety of posts while there and upon return. I will list a few below!

Learning about my degree is of course an important aspect of university experience, but practical experience is also, and I’m fortunate to be spending my third year at Churchill Drilling Tools, an oilfield services company that specialises in drilling innovation in Aberdeen. With previously studying and working part-time, adjusting to full-time work has taken a bit to get used to but I think I’ve finally nailed a routine. I’m now in my fourth month with Churchill, and I’m continually learning everyday.

One of the main differences between University life and the workplace is the learning environment. In University, I learn through a mixture of lectures, tutorials and a continually growing reading list. I’m assessed through a variety of exams, coursework and groupwork with deadlines to meet. At my Placement, it focusses on learning through gaining industry experience and teaching me vital skills that will 100% benefit me once I graduate. It gives me the opportunity to step into the scary, adult, work-life world once I graduate, with a year of experience behind me already. It means I can use what I’ve learnt in my first two years of University, and actually apply it to work life. Alongside my Placement, I’m also tasked with gradually building a portfolio throughout the year. This will document my experiences, challenges I’ve faced and how I’ve overcome them, and skills I’ve learnt. This will contribute to my overall end of year grade and I’ve been making progress with it.

Another aspect which has been unusual for me is weekends. Yes, I actually get to spend my weekends how I like! Usually, they would be filled with part-time jobs and coursework, so being able to have set days of the week to do what I like has been amazing and I will definitely miss it when going back to University! There’s also the money aspect. Again, I’m lucky to be in a paid placement which gives me a lot more stability and routine with my income. I’m trying to be sensible and save for next year as well, before I go back to student life and get a shock to the system haha!

Overall, I’m both surprised and happy with my personal growth professionally and out with. I’ve been given an insight into what my life could be like once graduated, and it doesn’t seem as daunting or unknown anymore, and I’m actually excited for the future. I’ve learned the importance of working as a team, using my initiative and working under pressure and I’ve been lucky to work alongside an amazing team. I’m excited to see what the next 8 months at Churchill holds for me, before I tackle my fourth and final year at University!

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