Favourite Winter Scents

Nothing finalises a cosy night in than lighting your favourite candle / wax melt, and I’ve recently stocked up on some festive wax melts and candles that I am obsessed with and want to share with you all. I just thought I’d upload a quick blog post of them all, and there isn’t one I wouldn’t recommend!

I was going try and describe each individually, but I started and realised I’m awful at trying to describe a scent and the packaging of them says what they are any way haha!



xmas scent1xmas scent2xmasscent5xmasscent6xmasscent7xmasscent8xmasscent9

I picked these all up from B & M, Asda or they were gifted to me as a present. 🙂 My personal favourites so far are Welcome Home and By The Fire.

What’s your favourite festive scent?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time..

~ K x


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