Saying Goodbye to Social Media (for a week)


After my phone kindly reminding me of my weekly screen time, I realised I was spending far too much time on my phone. I couldn’t believe that for 4 hours of my day, I was staring at my phone. Considering I work full-time at the moment, 4 hours is a lot of time that I could be doing something a bit more productive.

I love social media for keeping me connected to people, but I decided to take a week off to see how I could use my hours more productively. I haven’t said goodbye to my phone entirely, so my friends and family can still contact me through WhatsApp or calling me.

I thought I would document my week without social media here and see how it goes!

Day 1- Monday

I kept instinctively reaching for my phone when I didn’t have anything else to do and also didn’t know what to do during my lunch hour after my food was scoffed in the first 10 minutes. I wrote my food shop list and returned a parcel to the post office instead. Did my food shop in the evening, made my dinner and read for a bit before I’m a Celeb.

Day 2 – Tuesday

Still finding it hard to keep myself busy during my lunch break and need to find something else to do during my time… Although I find it easier in the evenings after work to keep myself busy and be productive. I gave my flat a much needed tidy and clean, and took my time cooking my dinner before reading again.

Day 3 – Wednesday

Finding it easier and not fussed about checking my phone too often! I went for some food with my friend after work, and grabbed a hot chocolate at the Christmas markets. I’ve realised as soon as I’m a Celeb is finished in the evening, I go straight to bed and have been having much better sleeps this week. Not sure if this is due to not being on my phone before bed, but I think it’s definitely made a difference! I’m not waking up as groggy and tired too.

Day 4 – Thursday

I’ve checked my screen time stats on my phone, and I’m already down 46% less than last week.. I’m getting used to not going on my phone and find I don’t entirely miss it, but will definitely still be getting it back haha!

Day 5 – Friday 

A bit of a busier day today and drove straight home from work for the weekend, so I didn’t really reach for my phone for any reason. Spent some time with the family and dogs, and read my book in the evening before I’m a Celeb.

Day 6 – Saturday 

I had a bit of a lie in and lazy morning before heading to the shop to get some ingredients to make Biscoff Fudge. It was so quick to make and tasted amazing. I then chilled and watched Rocketman later on after dinner. Kept myself busy and felt I didn’t really need to be on my phone.

Day 7 – Sunday 

Overall, I feel better for not having spent hours of my day on social media and having to keep updated on other peoples plans and posts. I love social media, but it has been a good and well-needed break. I’ve been a lot more productive with my evenings after work, had much better qualities of sleep and reduced my screen time on my phone by 50%. (Still used my phone for texting, Black Friday Christmas shopping etc…)

I am going to start using the ‘Down Time’ setting feature on my phone a lot more, which will allow me down time from social media at particular times of the day. I’m going to carry on restricting myself from scrolling on them a couple of hours before bed time.

I’ve managed to prepare a few blog posts over this week too, which is exciting and given me a fresh mind! I definitely recommend a week away from social media, or even just a few days! I haven’t missed anything crucial, and I’ve kept up with what’s most important to me – my friends and family.

Thanks for reading!

Until next time…

~ K x









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