Top Favourite Christmas Films

Christmas movie

To kick December off, I thought I would share my favourite Christmas films that I guarantee will be watched annually. Nothing beats cosying up and sticking on a Christmas film during the cold nights!

  1. The Holiday – honestly, at least 70% of the reason for this is Jude Law and the dreamy cottage.
  2. The Santa Clause (2 & 3 too) – Such a classic and good feel film! Makes me feel like a kid again whenever I watch them!
  3. Elf – Because who doesn’t like Elf?!
  4. Jack Frost – Bit of a bittersweet film and a slight unpopular opinion, but I still love Jack Frost!
  5. The Grinch – I haven’t actually watched this film in a couple of years now so it definitely needs to be put on this year! Although, I used to be a bit scared of this film when I was younger…
  6. Home Alone filmsĀ – No reason needed, I just love them!

Those are my all-time favourite films, however I am impartial to a cringey romantic Christmas film on Netflix, and I will definitely be heading to the cinema to watch the new film Last Christmas and Frozen 2!

What’s your favourite Christmas films?

Until next time…

~ K x


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