There is never a time in my life in which I am not currently half way through some sort of book, and I know there are other book lovers out there the same. Often, I want to find a good book but never know where to start and who to go to for suggestions, due to my friends lacking in that interest. I thought that others may have that problem, so this page in my blog will be updates on books I have read and basically like mini reviews and suggestions from me.

Of course, everyone has their own book tastes, so this is totally my opinion and preferences, but if you’re into the same genre, then you may find some books to read. My favourite books to read are usually thriller and crime books, with a bit of mystery. Something to keep me on the edge and wanting to read just “one more chapter” until it’s 3am and I can’t sleep after because my brain is buzzing about what will happen next.

Due to exam craziness, this page will be pretty empty until afterwards, but I may try to slot in an old recent read that I’ve had if I have time. Expect plenty during the Summer though, as this is when I read my most.

If any of YOU have suggestions for books to read then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment and leave me suggestions. Even if you haven’t read the book yet and want to find out if it’s good and feel lazy, I’ll be totally up for reading it.

Thank you for reading, check out the rest of my blog if you like and be sure to check back on any updates!

Kianna xx